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Kirlian Camera - Sky Collapse
Blutengel - Together As One
Solar Fake - Why Did I Raise The Fire [Project Pitchfork Remix]
Virgins O.R Pigeons - Enemy Ghost
Wynardtage - The Grey Line
32Crash - Not Quite Human
Sturm Cafe - Koka Kola Freiheit
Culture Kultur - Server
Moulin Noir - Falling
Ashbury Heights - Science
Front Line Assembly - Rock Me Amadeus
Coma Alliance - Unusual
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EisfabrikLove Planet 69
Absurd MindsOne World
RotersandTorn Realities [Extended Version]
ChromWalked The Line
Pride And FallThe Angel at the Pillar
CorelineCoreline Builds Better Robots [DJ vers]
Culture KulturLove Will Tear Us Apart
X-Marks The PedwalkThe Side Of The Wrong
Gary NumanMy Name Is Ruin
AcretongueThese Soft Machines
Ashbury HeightsFirebird
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