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Iszoloscope - Awe Gratitude Rapture
Heimataerde - Outremer
Decoded Feedback - Dark Odyssey
Angelspit - Vermin
Wynardtage - Circle Of Sadness
Komor Kommando - The Power Within
G Tom Mac - Cry Little Sister (CaveClub Mix)
Attrition - Fluxusyndrom - A Great Design
Autodafeh - Conflict
Roboton - Trop Tard
Xotox - Schwanengesang
Novo - Radio Moscow
Suicide Radio Schedule
Suicide Sountrack for Suicide.
Dark. Gloomy. Goth, darkwave, old-school industrial. Mediaeval chants.
Weekday evenings (usually).
Slaughter Music for Slaughtering.
Pounding beats. EBM, industrial, electro, noise.
Days, weekends (usually).
Victoria She picks up the slack and spins when everyone else is drunk, dead, or forgets to show up. She'll spin whatever she damn well pleases.
suicide prevention hotline