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Iszoloscope - Awe Gratitude Rapture
Heimataerde - Outremer
Decoded Feedback - Dark Odyssey
Angelspit - Vermin
Wynardtage - Circle Of Sadness
Komor Kommando - The Power Within
G Tom Mac - Cry Little Sister (CaveClub Mix)
Attrition - Fluxusyndrom - A Great Design
Autodafeh - Conflict
Roboton - Trop Tard
Xotox - Schwanengesang
Novo - Radio Moscow
Episode 20150819   [link]
Virgins O.R. PigeonsGotta Get Mad
Soko FriedhofSmile!
LaibachEat Liver!
X-RXThe Update
KlonavenusSermons (In Nomine Patris)
Nad MikaSchizomatic
Front Line AssemblyLeveled
Skinny PuppyillisiT
Lights Of EuphoriaThe Saint
Assemblage 23The Noise Inside My Head
Pride And FallParagon
Psy'AviahMy List
Ashbury HeightsTraffic

Episode 20150729   [link]
Genevieve PasquierHandle With Care
Culture KulturLove Will Tear Us Apart
Kant KinoNothing's Impossible
Funker Vogt(Ghost Track 14)
Deine LakaienThe Old Man Is Dead
Red IndustrieYour Wish Is My Command Featuring Sara Noxx
RotersandBy The Waters (Soman Sheffield Remix)
ProspectiveLovely Cruel Punisher
Bloody Dead And SexyReaping Day
Arzt+PfuschConstipated Disembowelment
EisenfunkLoad "*",8,1

Episode 20150708   [link]
X-Marks The PedwalkThe House of Rain
Deine LakaienThose hills
Angels + AgonyMonument
BerlinThe Metro
DioramaMy Favourite Song
Diary Of DreamsA Day In December
CovenantLeaving Babylon
Objekt UrianChamber Music
Necessary ResponseSpilling Blood
KlonavenusElectro Body Killer
State Of The UnionDancing in the Dark (2010 Original Version)
LaibachLove On The Beat
Solitary ExperimentsTrial and Error

Episode 20150624   [link]
KMFDMRebels In Control (DoS Attack Mix)
BlakOPzIt's Not Human V.2
Aesthetic PerfectionAll Beauty Destroyed
DevisionWhat's Love All About
InertiaRound and Round
SkoldDisease (VF Remix)
32Crashthe man who came from later
The Invincible SpiritShowdown (Abby Mix 2009)
VNV NationNova
UnterartNow Or Never
Edge Of DawnUp [A Cold Case]
UberByteGott Mit Oontz

Episode 20110518   [link]
CovenantBeat The Noise
Edge Of DawnIn Your Sleep
SomanNoistyle Bits (8.6bits mix)
Individual IndustryAmy
Culture KulturDrum Machine
Sara NoxxShe (Impact Pulse Remix)
AgapesisNuits Sacrifies
ProspectiveLovely Cruel Punisher
Solitary ExperimentsSeele Bricht V2.0


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